Nov 04 2018

Please read

Good morning and happy Sunday. I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I am back on tour and forgot how much office work goes into my tours. But I do love being on the road, meeting new people and exploring new places. 

I would like to inform my newbie clients that verification is very important and that I do not see anyone that does not provide me the information that I require. Also, I do all my own office work and not to mention I am in the process of updating my email and website. I believe privacy is important on both ends as well as safety. 

If you see a provider I suggest that you ask her if you may use her as a reference and get her Preferred 411 ID. This helps your next provider look her up and validate that she is a real, well-established lady. I find it easy to contact and verify your references using her P411 ID. If she is not a member I need her name, website, email, phone number and where she advertises. I do verify all your references, so if I feel she is not a well-established lady that reference is not a valid reference. 

If I have to ask you the same questions for verification over and over I will no longer respond to you and consider you a time waster. Keep in mind you are not the only client contacting me. I do not mind answering your questions and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I have updated my email address to

I also have and However, I am converting everything to SafeOffice I hope to have everything done as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience.

Anyway, I have to run to the gym, get back to my office work and get ready for playtime.  Hugs and kisses  xoxoxo