May 20 2020


I first want to say thank you to my wonderful VIP clients in Texas and Virginia. I miss you and will be seeing you in June. 
I wanted to apologize to everyone for not keeping my website up to date since the virus pandemic. I have taken some time off of everything and even have explored new avenues for my next life adventure. Never a dull moment 😁  
I did not feel that I could tour and feel good about the situation, because if anything directly or indirectly would have happened to anyone I know and or would have met during this time frame I would feel horrible.  I felt it best to, for once, LOL, to abide by the rules of isolation. In my mind, this was not only for my safety but for the safety of others as well. No, I am not sick nor have I been sick, thank God. I push my luck in may ways and this was not one I was willing to take a chance on. 
I will be visiting a couple of cities and would love to see you if you happen to be in that city. Note: I will be taking your temperature 😎
Safety is very important to me as it should be for you too. 
Anyway, I have so much planning to do and will write more in the future.
Much love
Maclyn Smith
live laugh and love